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Baked Fresh Daily:

Spinach Pie: A zesty blend of fresh spinach, lemon, & spices baked inside our homemade bread.
Zaatar: Special imported blend of oregano, thyme, oil & other herbs on flat bread.
Cheese: A blend of premium cheese with a touch of fresh parsley on flat bread.
Lahmbaajin: Lean ground beef mixed with finely diced tomatoes, onions green peppers & spices                                on flat bread.
Sphiha Shamia: A blend of lean ground beef, spices, pomegranate syrup & Labneh (yogurt).
Kafta: Lean ground beef mixed with finely chopped onions, parsley & spices.
Sphiha Baalbakia: A blend of lean ground beef, spices, & pomegranate syrup.
Cheese & Chicken: Shredded chicken breast over our cheese manakeesh, sprinkled w/ zaatar.
Sphiha Trabousia: A blend of lean ground beef. Freshly chopped mint, tahini & spices.
Zaatar & Labneh: Our zaatar manakeesh topped with fresh creamy lebni (thick yogurt spread).
Cheese & Zaatar: A cheese manakeesh covered with zaatar.
Cheese & Spinach: A cheese manakeesh topped with fresh spinach & a touch.
Lahmbaajin & Cheese: Lahmbaajin covered with melted mozzarella cheese
Koko Kiri Cheese or Koko Kiri Lahmbaajin: A delicious cheese manakeesh or                                            lahmbaajin topped with beef soujok, & pickles.
Combo Tray: A combination of manakeesh: sphiha baalbakia, cheese, kafta, cheese & chicken,                                  zaatar, & cheese with spinach, 
Vegetarian Pizza: A very think crust topped with olives, mixed peppers, mushrooms and                                             mozzarella cheese.
Cheese and Eggs: Baked on top of our manakeesh
Zaatar & Vegetables: Baked on top of our manakeesh
Cheese and Vegetables: Baked on top of our manakeesh
Cheese with Bastorma and tomato: A blend of premium cheese, spiced & aged beef &                                  tomato baked on top of our manakeesh
Fresh Kaak: A special, traditional bread dipped in sesame seeds and expands when baked.

Fresh From The Grill:
(All grilled plates come with rice, hummus, salad & pita bread)

Chicken (Tawook): Two chicken breast skewers marinated in our special seasonings & basted                                  with garlic sauce.
Beef Kabob: Two top sirloin skewers slow grilled over an open fire.
Kafta Kabob: Three generous portions of lean ground beef mixed with chopped parsley & spices.
Combo Plate: A combination of chicken, beef & kafta kabob.
Kibbeh Ras: Fresh ground top sirloin beef, mixed with cracked wheat and stuffed with minced                                      onion, more ground top sirloin meat, pine nuts and spices.


Falafel Plate: 6 pieces of falafel (Mediterranean veggie burger patties) on a bed of lettuce served                               with tomatoes, pickles, radish, green onions and tahini sauce.
Hummus: A blended garbanzo beans mixed with fresh lemon juice, garlic and sesame oil.
Baba Ghannouge: A smooth creamy dip made w/ roasted eggplant, lemon, garlic, & sesame oil.
Foul: A blend of fava beans and chickpeas mixed with minced garlic, lemon juice and topped with                                    extra virgin olive oil (small vegetable plate included).
Labneh: A creamy yogurt topped with olive oil, mint and served with hot pita bread.
Grape Leaves: A combination of rice, tomato and parsley, rolled in grape leaves and slowly                                        cooked in both, oil and lemon juice (12 pieces).
Vegetable Plate: A variety of fresh vegetables cut to order. Includes: tomato, olives, fresh mint,                                  pickles, and slice of lemon.


Chicken: Shredded chicken breast with garlic & pickles, toasted with freshly baked pita.
Labneh: Creamy yogurt spread over a freshly baked pita with your choice of vegetables & olive oil.
Chicken tawook
Beef Kabob
Kafta Kabob
Soujok wrapped with tomato and pickles: Perfectly seasoned soujok beef, tomatoes,                                  pickles, & lemon all toasted in our own freshly baked pita
Makanek: Mediterranean sausage, tomatoes, & a squeeze of lemon all lightly toasted and wrapped                              in a freshly baked pita.


Tabbouleh: Chopped parsley, fresh mint, diced tomatoes, diced onions, and cracked wheat with                                 olive oil & lemon juice.
Fattoush: Fresh lettuce, mint, parsley, cucumbers, tomato, onion, sliced radish, toasted bread,                                    olive oil and lemon juice.
Yogurt and cucumber: A mix of yogurt with diced cucumbers, garlic and dry mint
Tossed salad: Chopped lettuce, fresh tomato and cucumber tossed in our homemade dressing.


Maamoul: small shortbread pastry filled with dates or nuts
Knefeh: (Lebanese cheesecake) made with a special blend of unsalted cheeses, semolina and a                                butter crust. 

Party Specials & Catering:

Medium size by the dozen: 

Bite size by the dozen:
Spinach pies (small)
Cheese pies (small)
Meat pies (sambousik)
Pita chicken bite with garlic sauce
Sphiha Baalbakia

Kibbeh Ras by the dozen:

Falafel by the dozen
Grape Leaves by the dozen

Kabob Specials (Minimum order of 10 skewers or more):
Beef kabob
Kafta kabob
Chicken kabob

Tabbouleh Tray (Large/Small)
Fattoush Tray (Large/Small)
Hummus Tray (Large/Small)
Baba Ghannouge Tray (Large/Small)

Whole Lamb Stuffed (with rice, meat and topped with mixed nuts)

Spinach Pie
From left to right: Zaatar, Cheese, Lahmbaajin
Clockwise from upper left: 
Kafta Kabob, Chicken Tawook, Hummus & Falafel Plate
Clockwise from right: 
Tabbouleh, Knefeh, & Maamoul
Clockwise from right: 
Lahmbaajin, Grape Leaves, & Kibbeh Ras
kaak knefeh
Kafta Kabob Sandwich
  chicken plate

Lebanese & Turkish Food